Udemy – How To Build A Computer A Beginners Guide


Build a computer from scratch, while learning about each component and how they work along the way.

Course Description:

Have you ever before intended to construct your personal computer?
Would you like to know what each component does?
Do you wish to know how you can obtain the most effective bang for your buck?

This course will start with some explanation of various terminology when it involves PC elements. You’ll learn just how each element attaches to each various other, their functions, points to keep an eye out for when purchasing elements, and also how you can choose just what parts have to carry out far better based on the tasks you want the computer system will do.

You’ll go through the actions of constructing your very first computer system piece by piece, with wonderful attention to information along the road. Afterwhich, you’ll discover the process of mounting an operating system on the computer system, to earn the system totally functional and also all set to make use of!

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This course will evolve over time.. Later installments may include things like:

  • High-end Gaming PC Builds
  • Water Cooling
  • Home Theater PC Builds
  • Raspberry PI Builds

In the first installment, you’ll learn how to build a general usage PC that will perform well for daily use, using a classroom lecture format.


What are the requirements?

  • Knowledge of basic computer usage is necessary for this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build your first computer from scratch!
  • Gain a basic knowledge of PC components and how they interact!
  • Learn how to shop for components that have a high dollar-to-performance ratio!

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for hobbyists, students and technology enthusiasts that want to build a well performing computer for themselves or for a friend!


Section 1: Introduction
Basic Computer Component Terminology
Quiz: Basic Computer Component Terminology
5 questions
Section 2: Shopping Smart
Online Resources and Shopping Smart – Newegg and Reviews
Online Resources and Shopping Smart – Pcpartpicker and Cpubenchmark
Quiz: Online Resources and Shopping Smart
4 questions
Choosing Components Based on Performance Requirements
Quiz: Choosing Components Based on Performance Requirements
5 questions
How Low Should You Go?
Quiz: How Low Should You Go?
3 questions
Let’s Pick Out Some Computer Parts to Buy!
Section 3: Building Your First PC
Anatomy of a Motherboard – External and Internal Ports
Anatomy of a Motherboard – Overhead View
Quiz: Motherboard Anatomy
5 questions
Installing the CPU
Quiz: Installing the CPU
3 questions
Installing the Heatsink and Fan
Quiz: Installing the Heatsink and Fan
2 questions
Installing the RAM
Quiz: Installing the RAM
4 questions
Installing the Power Supply
Quiz: Installing the Power Supply
5 questions
Installing the Motherboard – IO Panel and Copper Standoffs
Installing the Motherboard – Connecting Up Cables
Quiz: Installing the Motherboard
12 questions
Installing Drives
Quiz: Installing Drives
3 questions
Does It Boot?
Section 4: Software Installation
Installing Windows
Installing Drivers, Updates and Software
Finishing Up!
Quiz: Installing Windows
11 questions
Section 5: Student Q & A
Q & A Intro and a Thank You!
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