English Made Easy Language Hacks for ESL Trainers

English Made Easy Language Hacks for ESL Trainers

Win clients and be classroom-ready with these expert ESL tips, proven training techniques and multimedia resources.

Course Description:

Are you new to ESL training?

Intend to get better at describing the ins and outs of English?

Want high quality lesson plans, audio as well as downloadables – done in one area?

Then this course is for you.

Created for brand-new ESL fitness instructors, it capitalises on my years’ experience as a language trainer, distilling expertise I wish I would certainly had in the very early days of my teaching job.

Practical tips and also resources? This training course has got it.

Foundation skills? This training course covers it. And also the program regularly grows with you.

With a far better understanding of exactly what English sentence structure is as well as exactly how we can properly teach it, we assist our trainees share themselves precisely as well as properly.

The objective of this program is to existing English sentence structure in a lyrical, easy-to understand means with the power of story-telling coupled with descriptions, tables, workouts and images. It can be taken sequentially or in bite-sized-pieces depending upon need.

Product will be on a regular basis included, and also comments is actively sought. So please consider this your continuous recommendation for consistent learning and also enhancement.

Be the most effective ESL fitness instructor you can be!

What are the demands?
If English is your indigenous language, you should have an understanding of terms such as noun, adjective, verb etc. though if these are well-known but unclear don’t stress – we’ll cover them in a very early Lecture!
What am I getting from this course?
comprehend the English language “genome”, the “math” of English or as I call it – the skeleton, flesh and blood! As well as have a terrific, interactive, cutting-edge time getting to this factor!
use your superpower English to intend much better lessons, show more effectively, be far better able to determine and also discuss mistakes, and choose proper assessment jobs for your ESL trainees!
teach the core English abilities of talking, listening, reading as well as writing with self-confidence and relieve!
What is the target market?
This “Superpower Your English – Trainers” is designed for ESL teachers (certified or presently embarking on an accredited qualification) that are seeking a review which could quickly be equated right into the knowing environment. It is made to be interactive, cutting-edge, educative and most of all – delightful. For each action there are several sources for you to download, describe, and also usage.
This course is possibly not appropriate if you’re a seasoned ESL fitness instructor comfy with all aspects of training English sentence structure. Unless you intend to freshen and get a different viewpoint!

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Section 1: Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue!
Pre-Course Quiz
6 questions
English as a global language, and why trained & terrific ESL trainers are needed
Introduction to the course – Superpower your English!
Why learn with me? Let’s find out!
Overview of the Course Structure – why is it put together like this?
Section 2: Rattling Bones… The English Language Skeleton
An overview of the English Language Skeleton
Increasing our Skeleton Vocabulary – Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives and Adverbs Quiz!
2 questions
Section 3: Being Practical
The Basics – Classroom Layout Options
Section 4: Present
Present Simple – Introductory Tale – Listen and Read
Present… simple? Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts…
Present… simple? Breaking it down…
Present… simple? Positives and Negatives…
Present… simple? Questions and Answers…
Classroom Toolbox – Teaching the Present Simple
Present Simple Quiz
3 questions
Present Continuous – Introductory Tale – Listen and Read
Continuing on… Present Continuous (aka. Progressive)
Continuing on… the details and a comparison with Present Simple
Classroom Toolbox – Teaching the Present Continuous
Your turn – Present Simple or Continuous – Create a worksheet
Present Simple or Continuous??
2 questions
Section 5: Perfect
Present Perfect – Introductory Tale – Listen and Read
Present Perfect… so what is this??
Classroom Toolbox – Teaching the Present Perfect
Section 6: Past
Past Simple – Introductory Tale – Listen and Read
Past.. Simple? Introduction
Past… Simple? Breaking it down… Signal Words
Past Simple – Pronunciation Guide
10 pages
Why on earth do we need the Past Simple? Keeping it real…
Past Continuous… what on earth is this?
Past Continuous… Comparisons with Past Simple
Past Tenses – a Teacher’s Toolbox Tip
Section 7: Future
Future…. examining, describing and comparing forms
Future…. Teacher Toolbox
1 page
Your turn – Future (will / might) – Create an activity
Future…. other useful forms to know
Section 8: Conclusion
Re-capping the main points
End of Course Super-Quiz!
9 questions
Thank you and Goodbye!
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English Made Easy Language Hacks for ESL Trainers Introduction:

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