Windows Programming Video Tutorial for Everyone

Windows Programming Video Tutorial for Everyone TM

The Perfect Programming Language for Beginners and Experts, Rexx is easy to Learn and Powerful to Use


Windows Programming Video Tutorial for Everyone

This training course will certainly educate you how you can program on your Windows computer system by creating working programs using the Rexx programs language.

Rexx is the Perfect Programs Language to discover promptly and easily.

Rexx is easy to discover because its like English, makes use of variables that are typeless as well as could hold any type of details, and also it gives remarkable interactive tracing capacity.

You just require your Windows COMPUTER and a download of the complimentary Rexx shows software application to get begun.

Enjoy the talks in full screen and high resolution mode for the best viewing experience, as well as download and evaluate the resource code file included with each lecture.

To obtain one of the most out of this course you must produce and run each program on your computer.

In this program you’ll learn more about variables, program loopholes, reading and creating documents, features and the best ways to put them completely in a functioning program.

You can construct applications that are simple but time conserving, or big applications to track your company operation.

We’ll construct our programs utilizing Windows Note pad, and run them by double clicking the program name in Windows Traveler.

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You can replicate or download and install info from the internet and also form it in one of the most useful fashion, or collaborate with info from e-mail or attachments.

Rexx is the most effective language for everyday applications. I use Rexx programs to look for documents, reorganize my bank and also costs pay accounts, and also track the movements of stocks and options to figure out best entrance rate.

Rexx will certainly benefit the beginner and the professional. The beginner has the most convenient possible way to learn to program and the specialist finds out an important device for shows in Windows.

The program has more than 5 hrs of detailed guideline that will prepare you for composing programs by yourself. You could develop programs that assist you be a lot more productive. Additionally, the program gives a collection of beneficial programs to obtain you started.

What are the requirements?

  • Windows computer
  • Free download of Rexx programming software

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to program quickly and easily
  • Create programs that save time and effort

What is the target audience?

  • The course is for everyone from beginner to expert
  • The beginner will be guided from start to finish
  • The expert will add a new tool to his arsenal
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Section 1: Getting Started
Installing the Programming Software
Section 2: Programming Fundamentals
Writing Our First Program
Language Reference and Tracing
Variables and Functions
Section 3: The Basic Program
The Basic Rexx Program
Explaining the Basic Rexx Program
Section 4: Looking at the Details
Detailed Look at Comments, Trace, Variables, Sysfiledelete
Detailed Look at Do loops, Lines, Linein, Lineout
Detailed Look at Running Windows Commands
Section 5: Making New Programs the Easy Way
Easy Way to Make New Programs
Explaining the MyNewRexx Program
Section 6: Putting the Pieces Together
FirstWord and LastWord Programs
Run Windows Commands for a Menu Program
More About the Run Windows Commands Program
The Sentence Program
Reading the Sentence Program Like English
Section 7: Program to Run All Programs
Assignment to Write the RunAllRexx Program
Explaining RunAllRexx One
Explaining RunAllRexx Two
Explaining RunAllRexx Three
Section 8: Programming to Extract and List
The StocksList Program
Tracing the StocksList Program
The ReviewRexx Program
Section 9: Collection of Useful Programs
Useful Programs Review One
Useful Programs Review Two
Section 10: Finishing the Race
Putting Your Programming Skills to Use
4 questions
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Windows Programming Video Tutorial for Everyone Introduction:


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Windows Programming Video Tutorial for Everyone
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