Course Description:

Are you searching for an all-in-one Website design, Web Development and also Profession Building course that takes you detailed through the all of the abilities you need know to begin a working skillfully?

Are you a designer wanting to boost your layout abilities, so your developer coworkers can stop teasing your bad styles? Or maybe you’re a designer planning to learn ways to code, so your developer colleagues can quit laughing at your depressing coding efforts?

Have you squandered hours of your time or cash enjoying terrible video tutorials that make you go to sleep at your workdesk?

Stop wasting your time & cash! This is the best, most detailed, A to Z website design, growth and job structure program on the marketplace. I promise as well as I guarantee that to be true.

Here is my assurance to you: If within 1 Month you complete this course as well as you have not skilled outstanding results, you cannot create or create contemporary internet sites, or you can’t get a paying website design or advancement job– I will provide you 100 % of your money back.

You will go from knowing nothing to creating over 23 excellent designs, sites, and applications– all with step-by-step instruction from one of the most entertaining and appealing coding teacher on the web today!

We’ll start by learning Visual & Web Design, how to utilize Adobe Photoshop, and the best ways to illustration expert wireframes. We’ll then learn how to code with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and also jQuery. At this moment you’ll be able to code custom-made internet sites, animations and web applications by yourself.

When we’re great with the front-end languages, we’ll then thaw our brain-bits with highly progressed skills like Responsive Site, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and customized WordPress plugin development. You’ll then have the ability to construct receptive, vibrant sites and blog sites, fundamental eCommerce websites and also online shops, and also have a specialist understanding of all elements of web design & development.

After you have actually discovered every little thing from Layout to Advancement, you’ll be taken via a hands-on career area fully-loaded with beneficial ideas, sources, as well as real-world support to help you start your profession– whether you want to work-from-home as a freelancer, or safeguard a full time studio gig at a style firm.

Complete Web Designer & Developer Course(

Exactly what are several of the tasks you will develop?

Along with working on your personal self-directed job that challenges you to utilize your new skills as you learn, you’ll be developing over 23 custom-made projects throughout the training course:

In Photoshop:

Design a custom-made internet graphic
Layout a personalized business card
Design a modern landing web page
Re-design a blog site
In HTML5 & CSS3:
Numerous personalized websites & websites
Code the Google landing page
“Orbiting planets” animation in CSS3
A receptive “Start-up Style” site
In Javascript & jQuery
A working “Pointer Calculator”.
A real race vehicle video game.
A “To Do List” internet application.
Dynamic sites.
Outstanding application that solutions clickbait headings.
Functioning “login” as well as “logout” series.
Account web page that pulls information from a database.
Durable “Customer Address Book” application that manages your clients’ info.
Custom WordPress plugin.
In AngularJS.

Realty Listing Single-Page Application.
In WordPress Plugins.

Customized, real life “study” plugin.
… and also far more.
– – -.

Why trust me? Exactly what makes me any kind of better than the hundreds of coding instructors around?

My name is Brad Hussey, as well as I have actually been working expertly as a developer as well as developer for over 6 years. I studied style & advancement in college for 2 years prior to getting employed as an internal web programmer at a neighborhood internet development firm. Just a year right into full-time employment, I stopped to start my very own freelance business from house, which has been the most effective profession action I’ve ever before made because it allows me the liberty to work with my very own terms on projects I love to be a part of, and also it’ses a good idea exceptionally well.

What makes me different compared to all the various other coding trainers out there is that I recognize how to interact complex & dull principles without putting you to rest! While you’re staring at a display with hundreds of lines of code, I like to keep points light, crack jokes and keep you captivated. My approach is straightforward, hands-on, and unwinded. Think of me as your good-looking close friend that so occurs to be an enthusiastic computer specialist under the surface area.

Don’t take it from me, review exactly what a few of my students have claimed concerning my programs:.

“Promptly, I felt comfy with Brad’s style and technique. After only a week of finishing this course, I have 3 jobs for freelance internet site design. I could not thank Brad sufficient!”– a grad of Bootstrap to WordPress.

“I challenged myself to a whole weekend to finish the [client] project, utilizing this training course as a detailed overview. I enjoy to claim that my difficulty achieved success! I’ve already obtained settlement for my job and also my customer was so satisfied that he immediately offered me another project to work with!”– a graduate of Bootstrap to WordPress.

– – -.

How would certainly you prefer to be able start a profitable career in website design & advancement, work for a sophisticated business, or unwind in the comfort of your own house center providing premium solutions to your very own customers?

There’s a lot of design & coding courses available begging for your cash & focus, but none will certainly give you the utmost blend of web design, growth and also career building that I guarantee this course will certainly supply.

So stop wasting your time and money on programs & tutorials that don’t deliver – as well as let’s release your profession to new elevations!

Join me on this journey, as well as I vow I will not allow you down. Establish on your own for success, and register for the course right now. See you on the inside:-RRB-.

Exactly what are the demands?

No prior style or coding knowledge required!
Any sort of operating tract: Mac, PC, Linux.
No costly software application called for.
What am I getting from this program?

Over 246 lectures and also 32.5 hours of content!
Build 23+ custom design, internet and also programming jobs – from scratch!
Find out more compared to 18 professional disciplines.
Plan, layout as well as code your personal self-directed project – fully!
Plan, design and program durable, as well as totally customized websites and applications.
Layout and also code contemporary & responsive landing pages.
Code at a skilled level of skills with HTML & CSS.
Code sites & applications with HTML5 & CSS3.
Code games & animations with CSS3 and also jQuery.
Comfortably make use of the tools in Adobe Photoshop.
Design modern internet sites in Adobe Photoshop.
Style an expert business card in Adobe Photoshop.
Layout with grids, on paper and on the display.
Understand the history as well as application of aesthetic design.
Wireframe and maximize user encounters for internet sites as well as applications.
Pick the proper fonts for design & internet tasks.
Develop beautiful color scheme based upon scientific colour concept.
Create a working “Suggestion Calculator” in Javascript.
Develop a beneficial “To Do List” internet application in jQuery UI.
Easily set up organizing & domain names for your clients.
Program progressed PHP applications.
Design, create and take care of custom-made database-driven web sites with MySQL.
Create a completely useful “Client Address Book” with PHP & MySQL.
Establish a WordPress blog site in 5-minutes.
Manage your client’s WordPress internet sites.
Get recruited as a permanent internet designer or web developer.
Expand a rewarding and also effective freelance occupation with your brand-new abilities.
Make a full-time earnings from any one of the disciplines you discover!
Make money on the side making & building websites.
Learn AngularJS & Build an AngularJS Application.
Discover about WordPress Plugin Development.
Strategy, Develop & Release a “Survey” WordPress Plugin.
Just what is the target audience?

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Programmers and Developers looking to drastically enhance their layout skills.
Graphic & Internet Developers desiring to drastically boost their internet growth & computer programming skills.
Total newbies who want to find out ways to intend, layout as well as program impressive web sites & applications.
Those that intend to make a comfy living online as an internet developer or programmer.
Experts who seriously intend to leave the 9-to-5 for a fruitful brand-new internet occupation.
Freelancers who wish to deliver higher worth to their website design customers.
Designers & programmers that need to know the best ways to begin a successful freelance occupation.
Anybody who wishes to gain from one of the most amusing & appealing coding coach.

Course Introduction: 


Courses include:

Section 1: Introduction: Why This is The Only Design/Development Course You’ll Ever Need

Lecture 1 Course Introduction: All You Need to Know 02:06
Lecture 2 What You Get in This Course: Major Course Discounts + eBook 01:31
Lecture 3 How to Get a Free Trial of Adobe Photoshop + Free Icons, Graphics & More! 02:04
Lecture 4 Price Calculator: Discover Your Hourly Rate & How Much You Should Charge! 02:33
Quiz 1 Pop Quiz! 4 questions
Lecture 5 Intro Wrap Up: What You’ve Learned & What’s Next 01:04
Section 2: Introduction to Visual Design

Lecture 6 Section Intro: What You’re Going to Learn 00:45
Lecture 7 The Basic Elements & Principles of Visual Design 05:51
Lecture 8 The Design “CRAP” Principles 01:59
Lecture 9 Typography Basics 03:01
Lecture 10 The Science of Colour (or Color) 05:33
Lecture 11 Designing with Grids 02:29
Quiz 2 Visual Design Quiz 7 questions
Lecture 12 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:51
Section 3: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Lecture 13 Section Intro: The 80/20 Rule, Photoshop Basics, and More 01:29
Lecture 14 Creating a New Photoshop Document 04:51
Lecture 15 Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 1 20:39
Lecture 16 Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 2 14:44
Lecture 17 Photoshop Environment: Palettes 11:49
Lecture 18 Photoshop Environment: The Menu 12:14
Lecture 19 Photo Enhancement & Manipulation 17:00
Lecture 20 Photoshop Project #1: Create a New Graphic with Multiple Layers + Tutorial 07:08
Lecture 21 Photoshop Project #2: Design a Business Card + Tutorial 07:39
Quiz 3 Photoshop Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 22 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:21
Section 4: Introduction to Web Design (and more Photoshop)

Lecture 23 Section Intro: Web Design Basics, Wireframing, Photoshop 00:31
Lecture 24 Web Design Terminology: The Jargon the Pros Use 04:44
Lecture 25 The Four Phases of a Web Design Project + Cost Estimates 07:42
Lecture 26 What is User Experience (UX) Design? 14:36
Lecture 27 The Anatomy of a Website Design 05:17
Lecture 28 The 960 Grid System + Free Photoshop Downloads 05:24
Lecture 29 Web Design Project #1: Design a Minimal Landing Page + Tutorial 17:42
Lecture 30 Web Design Project #2: Re-Design a Blog Landing Page 06:07
Lecture 31 Web Design Project #2: Tutorial 20:22
Quiz 4 Web Design Quiz 10 questions
Lecture 32 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:26
Section 5: Advanced Web Design Challenge

Lecture 33 Challenge Intro: How the Challenge Works 01:06
Lecture 34 Discovery Phase: Create a Sitemap 01:03
Lecture 35 Discovery Phase II: Sketch & Wireframe Your Design 00:35
Lecture 36 Creative Phase: Design Your Website in Photoshop 00:35
Lecture 37 Sharing, Collaborating & Getting Feedback on Your Design 00:43
Lecture 38 Challenge Wrap Up & What’s Next 00:23
Section 6: Introduction to HTML

Lecture 39 Section Intro: HTML Fundamentals, First Webpage, Course Files 00:33
Lecture 40 The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements 04:05
Lecture 41 Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website 04:34
Lecture 42 Your Must Have Tool: A Good Code Editor 05:57
Lecture 43 Hello World: Create Your Very First Web Page! 04:08
Quiz 5 HTML Quiz 8 questions
Lecture 44 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:32
Section 7: Intermediate HTML

Lecture 45 Section Intro: HTML Tags, Code a Real Web Page 00:18
Lecture 46 Basic Structure of an HTML Document 05:10
Lecture 47 Heading & Paragraph Tags 06:26
Lecture 48 Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis 04:35
Lecture 49 Hyperlinks 05:14
Lecture 50 Lists 05:52
Lecture 51 Images 09:47
Lecture 52 Tables 05:52
Lecture 53 Forms 14:00
Lecture 54 HTML Entities & “Special Characters” 03:19
Lecture 55 HTML Project: Code a Basic Web Page + Tutorial 09:23
Quiz 6 Intermediate HTML Quiz 11 questions
Lecture 56 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:21
Section 8: Advanced HTML & HTML5

Lecture 57 Section Intro: Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5 00:18
Lecture 58 IDs & Classes 04:53
Lecture 59 Span & Div Tags 08:53
Lecture 60 Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time 15:35
Lecture 61 HTML5 Project: Build a Basic HTML5 Web Page + Tutorial 11:41
Quiz 7 Advanced HTML Quiz 7 questions
Lecture 62 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:33
Section 9: Expert HTML & HTML5
Lecture 63 Section Intro: Expert HTML5 techniques 00:16
Lecture 64 New HTML5 Inputs 13:03
Lecture 65 Making Internet Explorer Compatible with HTML5 04:23
Lecture 66 HTML5 Data Attribute 04:23
Quiz 8 Expert HTML Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 67 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:48
Section 10: Introduction to CSS

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Lecture 68 Section Intro: Essentials of CSS + Download Course Files 00:43
Lecture 69 What is CSS? All the basics you need to know! 02:34
Lecture 70 Inheritance of Styles 01:24
Lecture 71 Measurements & The Box Model 07:44
Lecture 72 Inline CSS 05:12
Lecture 73 Internal CSS 05:53
Lecture 74 External CSS 08:11
Lecture 75 ID & Class Selectors 11:50
Lecture 76 Descendant Selectors 11:05
Lecture 77 Grouping Selectors 10:58
Lecture 78 Specificity 05:56
Lecture 79 CSS Project: Style an HTML Web Page + Tutorial 16:33
Lecture 80 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:57
Section 11: Intermediate CSS

Lecture 81 Section Intro 00:15
Lecture 82 Colors 03:21
Lecture 83 Text Styling & Formatting 14:14
Lecture 84 Borders 06:51
Lecture 85 Background Images 10:14
Lecture 86 Styling Links 10:56
Quiz 9 CSS Quiz 17 questions
Lecture 87 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:16
Section 12: Advanced CSS

Lecture 88 Section Intro 00:18
Lecture 89 Styling Web Forms 22:10
Lecture 90 Block, Inline and Inline-Block Elements 02:31
Lecture 91 Understanding Float & Clear (once and for all!) 21:11
Lecture 92 Relative, Absolute & Fixed Position 11:34
Lecture 93 CSS Project: Build the Google Home Page + Tutorial (Part I) 18:03
Lecture 94 CSS Project: Build the Google Home Page (Part II) 17:11
Lecture 95 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:22
Section 13: Expert CSS & CSS3

Lecture 96 Section Intro: What is CSS3? + Course Files Download 00:26
Lecture 97 CSS3 Box Sizing & Round Corners 08:11
Lecture 98 CSS3 Colours & Gradients 09:19
Lecture 99 CSS3 Shadows 09:53
Lecture 100 CSS3 Columns 07:27
Lecture 101 CSS3 Animations & Transitions 18:46
Lecture 102 CSS3 Project #1: Create Animated Buttons + Tutorial 10:22
Lecture 103 CSS3 Project #2: Code an Orbiting Planet Animation + Tutorial (Part I) 15:37
Lecture 104 CSS3 Project #2: Code an Orbiting Planet Animation (Part II) 21:52
Lecture 105 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:42
Section 14: Advanced HTML & CSS Challenge

Lecture 106 Your Challenge: Everything You Need to Know + Section Wrap Up 01:11
Lecture 107 Bonus Tutorial: How to Slice a Photoshop Design & Convert it to HTML & CSS 15:28
Lecture 108 Bonus Tutorial P2: How to Slice a Photoshop Design & Convert it to HTML & CSS 17:20
Section 15: Introduction to Javascript

Lecture 109 Section Intro: What is Javascript, The 80/20 Rule + Course Files Download 01:11
Lecture 110 Internal & External Javascript 09:35
Lecture 111 Basic Syntax of Javascript (and many other programming languages) 06:53
Lecture 112 Javascript Output 05:38
Lecture 113 Javascript Variables 17:36
Lecture 114 Javascript Arrays 16:00
Lecture 115 Javascript Functions 08:22
Lecture 116 Javascript If / Else Statements 08:25
Lecture 117 Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator + Tutorial 17:48
Lecture 118 Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator, Part II 18:47
Quiz 10 Javascript Quiz 17 questions
Lecture 119 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:50
Section 16: Introduction to jQuery

Lecture 120 Section Intro: What is jQuery? + Course Files 00:23
Lecture 121 Download & Install jQuery 13:57
Lecture 122 The Simple Syntax of jQuery 09:59
Lecture 123 jQuery Selectors 07:39
Lecture 124 jQuery Event Methods 11:28
Quiz 11 Basic jQuery Quiz 5 questions
Lecture 125 Section Outro: Wrap Up & What’s Next 00:15
Section 17: Intermediate jQuery

Lecture 126 Section Intro: jQuery Deep Dive! 00:25
Lecture 127 jQuery Chaining 04:07
Lecture 128 Hiding, Showing & Fading Content with jQuery 07:51
Lecture 129 The jQuery Animate Method 10:13
Lecture 130 Modifying CSS with jQuery 08:44
Lecture 131 jQuery Project: Mini Race Car Game + Tutorial 24:27
Lecture 132 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:42
Section 18: jQuery UI (Advanced jQuery)

Lecture 133 Section Intro: What is jQuery UI? + Course Files 00:46
Lecture 134 jQuery UI: Draggable 11:25
Lecture 135 jQuery UI: Droppable 07:10
Lecture 136 jQuery UI: Sortable 06:12
Lecture 137 jQuery UI: Accordion 05:41
Lecture 138 jQuery UI: Datepicker 09:29
Lecture 139 jQuery Project: To Do List Web Application + Tutorial 13:22
Lecture 140 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:39
Section 19: Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap

Lecture 141 Section Intro: What is Responsive Design & Bootstrap? + Course Files 02:11
Lecture 142 Getting Started with Bootstrap 11:19
Lecture 143 Quickly Prototype with the Free Examples 10:32
Lecture 144 Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System 15:55
Lecture 145 Responsive (and sexy) Forms 23:13
Lecture 146 Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images 13:02
Lecture 147 Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities 07:35
Lecture 148 Using Glyphicons (Font Icons) 05:35
Lecture 149 Bootstrap Navbar 18:10
Lecture 150 Bootstrap Modal Window 09:13
Lecture 151 Bootstrap ScrollSpy 09:29
Lecture 152 Togglable Tabs 06:47
Lecture 153 Sliding Carousel 12:41
Lecture 154 Bootstrap Project: Code a “Hipster” Startup Website + Tutorial 16:37
Lecture 155 Bootstrap Project: Startup Website, Part 2 15:47
Lecture 156 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 01:21
Section 20: Advanced Bootstrap Challenge

Lecture 157 Your Challenge: Convert Your Custom Website Into a Responsive Bootstrap Site 02:01
Section 21: Web Hosting & Domains

Lecture 158 Section Intro: What is Web Hosting? 01:14
Lecture 159 Purchasing a Bundled Domain Name & Hosting Package 11:34
Lecture 160 The Hosting Control Panel (a.k.a. cPanel) 06:17
Lecture 161 Understanding FTP & How to Upload a Website to Your Live Server 10:07
Lecture 162 Section Outro: Wrap Up, What’s Next + Bonus (Free) Web Hosting 00:31
Section 22: Introduction to PHP

Lecture 163 Section Intro: What is PHP & What Does It Do? + Course Files00:44
Lecture 164 Basic PHP Syntax 08:38
Lecture 165 PHP Variables & Constants 06:05
Lecture 166 PHP Arrays (Associative & Multi-Dimensional) 17:35
Lecture 167 PHP Project: Program an App to fix “Click Bait Headlines” + Tutorial 20:10
Lecture 168 PHP Project: Click Bait Headlines, Part 2 10:19
Quiz 12 PHP Quiz 7 questions
Lecture 169 Section Outro: Wrap Up & What’s Next 00:21
Section 23: Intermediate PHP

Lecture 170 Section Intro: Let’s dive deeper into PHP 00:21
Lecture 171 If, Else and Elseif Statements 14:05
Lecture 172 PHP Loops: While, For, Foreach & Do While 12:56
Lecture 173 PHP Functions & Arguments 10:34
Lecture 174 $_GET and $_POST 18:42
Lecture 175 PHP Project: Convert a Static Website into a Dynamic PHP Site + Tutorial18:03
Lecture 176 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next +Bonus (Free) PHP Course! 01:14
Section 24: Introduction to MySQL Databases

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Lecture 177 Section Intro: What is MySQL? + Course Files 00:53
Lecture 178 Creating Your First MySQL Database + phpMyAdmin Overview18:16
Lecture 179 Establishing a MySQL Connection with PHP 09:41
Lecture 180 Selecting Data from a Database and Displaying it on Your Web Page 13:02
Lecture 181 Insert Data into Your Database from a Web Page 21:15
Lecture 182 Password Hashing (for securely storing passwords) 08:45
Lecture 183 Using PHP Sessions to Store Global Variables 08:56
Lecture 184 MySQL Project #1: Code a Login Form, Profile Page & Logout + Tutorial 21:56
Lecture 185 MySQL Project #2.1: Client Address Book – Planning our Application 06:13
Lecture 186 MySQL Project #2.2: Client Address Book – Build the Login Sequence 20:42
Lecture 187 MySQL Project #2.3: Client Address Book – Logout Sequence & Display Clients 11:42
Lecture 188 MySQL Project #2.4: Client Address Book – Adding Clients 10:07
Lecture 189 MySQL Project #2.5: Client Address Book – Editing Clients 11:20
Lecture 190 MySQL Project #2.6: Client Address Book – Deleting Clients 07:32
Lecture 191 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What’s Next 00:30
Section 25: Advanced PHP & MySQL Challenge

Lecture 192 Your Challenge: Convert Your Custom Static Website into a Dynamic Website 03:40
Section 26: WordPress Websites

Lecture 193 Section Intro: What is WordPress? 01:03
Lecture 194 How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5-Minutes 04:28
Lecture 195 The Dashboard 07:47
Lecture 196 Using Free and Premium Plugins to Achieve Any Feature You Desire 06:09
Lecture 197 Using Free and Premium Themes to Quickly Make Gorgeous Websites 03:06
Lecture 198 Theme Showcase: “X” Theme – The Ultimate All-in-one WordPress DIY Theme 04:43
Lecture 199 The Importance of 24/7 WordPress Security 06:50
Lecture 200 Quickly Start an eCommerce Online Store 05:54
Quiz 13 WordPress Quiz 9 questions
Lecture 201 Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning, What’s Next + Course Discount01:03
Section 27: Career Development: How to Start Your Web Design / Development Career

Lecture 202 Section Intro: The Career Options Available to You as a Web Designer & Developer 00:53
Lecture 203 The Importance of “Cultivating” Your Career 02:40
Lecture 204 What Does Success Mean To You? 04:19
Lecture 205 Freelancing: Should You Work For Free? 02:57
Lecture 206 Freelancing: Should You Quit Your Job? 03:43
Lecture 207 Free eBook Download: Cultivate a Successful Freelance Career 65 pages
Lecture 208 Where To Find Web Design & Development Jobs: Part-time, Full-time & Freelance 11:12
Lecture 209 4 Valuable Tips for Crafting the Perfect Résumé 04:37
Lecture 210 The Grande Finale: Where Do You Go From Here? 03:37
Section 28: AngularJS Quick Start: Build a Single-Page Web Application [NEW!]

Lecture 211 Welcome Ryan, our AngularJS expert & Guest Instructor 00:45
Lecture 212 An Introduction to AngularJS + The App You’ll Build from Scratch 00:46
Lecture 213 Installation & Set up 09:53
Lecture 214 Controllers and Views 11:31
Lecture 215 Switching to Services 05:48
Lecture 216 $HTTP Service 05:08
Lecture 217 Creating the User Interface 11:12
Lecture 218 Custom Filters 08:55
Lecture 219 Creating New Data 10:55
Lecture 220 Editing and Deleting Data 10:28
Lecture 221 Wrap Up & Further Learning 00:57
Section 29: WordPress Plugin Quick Start [NEW!]

Lecture 222 Bonus Section Intro: Introducing Joel Funk (our Plugin Ninja)!01:35
Lecture 223 Welcome to the WordPress Plugin Quick Start + Course Files01:26
Lecture 224 Course Requirements 01:20
Lecture 225 Concepts & Definitions: Introduction 00:23
Lecture 226 Concepts & Definitions: What are plugins? 04:41
Lecture 227 Concepts & Definitions: What are hooks? 02:36
Lecture 228 Concepts & Definitions: Common actions & filters 02:56
Lecture 229 Concepts & Definitions: What are post types? 03:36
Lecture 230 Concepts & Definitions: Planning plugins 06:41
Lecture 231 Groundwork: Introduction 00:41
Lecture 232 Groundwork: Plugin header data 07:57
Lecture 233 Groundwork: Creating admin pages 09:48
Lecture 234 Groundwork: Creating admin menus 11:44
Lecture 235 Groundwork: Creating custom post types 10:06
Lecture 236 Groundwork: Creating custom database tables 13:43
Lecture 237 Core features: Introduction 00:38
Lecture 238 Core features: Creating custom shortcodes 01:24
Lecture 239 Core features: Enhancing shortcodes 22:56
Lecture 240 Core features: Including scripts 13:56
Lecture 241 Core features: Capturing form submissions 28:01
Lecture 242 Core features: Handling Ajax responses 20:18
Lecture 243 Core features: Creating custom admin columns 11:22
Lecture 244 Core features: Completing our stats page 17:51
Lecture 245 Core features: Completing our welcome page 11:07
Lecture 246 What next? Are you ready to go Ultimate! ? 01:27 – Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

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Part 2 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( part02.rar (500 MB)
Part 3 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 4 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 5 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 6 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 7 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 8 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 9 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 10 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 11 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 12 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 13 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 14 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 15 -  Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (251 MB)

Total Size: 7.08 GB


Part 1 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( part01.rar (500 MB)
Part 2 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( part02.rar (500 MB)
Part 3 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 4 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 5 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 6 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 7 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 8 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 9 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 10 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 11 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 12 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 13 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 14 - Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (500 MB)
Part 15 -  Complete-Web-Designer-&-Developer-Course( (251 MB)

Total Size: 7.08 GB


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