Lynda – Node.js Essential Training (2013) with Joseph LeBlanc

Node.js Essential Training (Lynda) Free Download

Course Details:

Node.js is a powerful device for managing internet servers, creating applications, as well as producing event-driven shows. As well as it brings JavaScript– a language acquainted to all internet developers– into a setting independent of internet browsers. Discover about Node.js as well as start creating JavaScript applications in this course with Joseph LeBlanc. He shows how to set up Node.js on Mac, Windows, in order to Linux in order to dives deep into its components as well as Express structure for app growth. Learn how you can device examination your code, start sessions on internet servers, stream data, in order to produce easy command-line tools.

Topics include:

  • Why use Node.js?
  • Installing Node.js
  • Understanding the event loop
  • Initializing Node.js projects
  • Creating modules with getters and setters
  • Starting Express applications
  • Testing your code
  • Working with sessions and databases
  • Building command-line tools
  • Emitting events and attaching listeners
  • Controlling readable streams
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