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Computer forensics is used to find legal evidence in computer systems or storage devices. Although this training course won’t instruct you ways to come to be a digital forensics investigative, it will certainly cover the essentials of this expanding (and exciting) technical area. Author Jungwoo Ryoo examines the fundamentals: the objectives of computer forensics, the sorts of examinations it’s utilized for, a forensic detective’s normal toolset, as well as the legal effects of this kind of work. After that he’ll show how to prepare for an investigation; obtain data “live” while the system is running, statically from a hard drive, or from a remote equipment; ensure data is kept in its initial state with software program as well as equipment write blockers; analyze the information; and also develop a record of your findings. Jungwoo makes use of a combination of open-source as well as commercial software, so you’ll be able to discover the details you require with the devices that remain in your spending plan.

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Topics include:

  • Understanding computer forensics
  • Understanding partitioning
  • Using a hex editor
  • Preparing a target drive
  • Acquiring data
  • Ensuring data integrity with hashing
  • Indexing and searching
  • Generating a report



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