Fundamentals of UX Design(Free Download)

Fundamentals of UX Design

User experience design can be a tricky process to master, as any designer turned usability tester can tell you. Sarah Kahn, UX Engineer for Adzerk, is here to demystify user experience and walk you through the process! Get the insider’s guide to working with clients, getting user feedback, and much more.

Sarah brings her industry experience and teaches you the basic theories of usability, including:

  • Fundamental concepts of user interface
  • The anatomy of a webpage
  • How to find out who your users are
  • Create user profiles
  • Identify usability problems and prioritize solutions
  • How to design and run usability testing
  • Getting useful feedback from your users
  • Information Architecture and interaction
  • Using wireframing, understanding methodology, getting buy in And more!

Topics include:

1.Introduction 3 lessons, 22:36

1.1 What is UX Design? 09:56
1.2 The Anatomy of User Experience 07:57
1.3 Getting Started 04:43

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2.Users & Testing 7 lessons, 52:11

2.1 Find Out Who Your Users Are 06:15
2.2 Creating Personas 08:27
2.3 Identify Usability Problems 08:00
2.4 Prioritizing Work 08:06
2.5 Designing a Test 07:08
2.6 Working with Users 07:00
2.7 Creating a Design: Information Architecture 07:15

3.UX Design 5 lessons, 34:13

3.1 Creating a Design: Interaction 08:59
3.2 Wireframing 05:58
3.3 Creating a Design: Visual Design 06:46
3.4 Getting Buy-In 06:58
3.5 User Experience and Project Management Methodology 05:32

4.Conclusion1 lesson, 08:31

4.1 Worth it: A Tools and Resources Review 08:31 – Earn cash for each visitor to your shortened url links with! –

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