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Tutsplus – 30 Days to Learn Photoshop From web design, to graphic design, to photo editing and manipulation, Photoshop is the primary tool of many creative industries. This course will help you feel comfortable and confident using all of Photoshop’s most important functions, like layers, the brush tool, blend modes, smart objects, and lots more! In one month, you’ll have well and truly learned how to use Photoshop.

Photoshop in 30 days. Web design, graphic design, to editing and photo manipulation, Photoshop is the primary means many creative industries. This course helps you to feel confident and comfortable to use all the main features of Photoshop, such as layers, blending modes, smart objects, and many others have! In a month, you will learn the good and the right way of using Photoshop. This instructional video can be downloaded completely free to download from the website.
Photoshop is a graphics processor developed by Adobe to create, combine, edit, rebuild or change photos and images used. Photoshop is capable of reading and writing video files in formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG and Ghyrhast. The PSD format is proprietary software. Celebrity Photoshop PSD format is widely used because it is partly supported by rival applications

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Introduction 33m 26s
Introduction 6m
Interface Walkthrough 9m 39s
Creating New Documents 10m 2s
Sidebars 7m 45s
Layers and Navigation 1h 19m 51s
Navigation: Pan & Zoom 7m 44s
Toolbar Walkthrough 14m 44s
Introduction to Layers, Part One 7m 54s
Layers, Part Two 13m 10s
The Move Tool 8m 37s
The Brush Tool 17m 44s
History and the History Tool 9m 58s
The Eyedropper Tool and Color Sampler Video
Meet the Tools 1h 28m 53s
Bucket & Gradient Tools 12m 4s
Selecting with the Lasso & Marquee Tool 12m 6s
Clone Stamp & Pattern Stamp Tool 11m 44s
Selecting with the Magic Wand Tool 4m 52s
Using Custom Shapes 11m 58s
Text with the Type Tool 15m 46s
Vectors with the Pen Tool 11m 38s
Opening & Importing Files 8m 45s
Manipulating Effects 1h 49m 15s
Save and Export Images 9m 30s
Using Blend Modes & Blending Options 18m 43s
Using Smart Objects 7m 52s
Using Transform Tools 12m 38s
Customizing Photoshop’s Appearance 9m 50s
Repairing with the Eraser and Spot Healing Tool 7m 44s
Course Project: Photo Manipulation 22m 39s
Using Filters 9m 20s
Dodge and Burn 10m 59s
Conclusion 17m 35s
Solving Problems in Photoshop 6m 1s
Shortcuts and Performance 5m 28s
Conclusion 6m 6s

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30 days to learn Photoshop Introduction


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