Android Lollipop Complete Development Course(Free Download)

Android Lollipop Complete Development Course

OVER 18 Hrs of material already added, with 10+ hrs still to be added over the coming weeks! This is the # 1 Android program on Udemy as well as is improving as well as far better each week!
In this course, discover how to construct considerably a lot more complicated Apps using Android Lollipop: you will certainly start off by constructing standard apps, as well as progress to a calculator, an app that downloads a listing of top 10 applications every day, as well as your own Youtube video clip gamer.
Very first collection of Closed captions added to video clips – staying video clips must be finished within the next week!
Perfect for individuals who do not have English as a first language or have hearing troubles, or just for folks that like sub-titles on videos. You will certainly be able to flip shut inscriptions on and off at any moment!
** FRESHLY ADDED ON December 15th – new Design section – how to get one of the most out of Android Layouts. New videos to cover Genymotion, Android Center, an Android designer tools (obtaining them to function after Google “damaged” them!).
** FRESHLY ADDED ON December 8th – 2 as well as a half several hours of new material. Our very first Product Style Application showing how to utilize Product Design, AppCompat (for downwards compatibility, Picasso (image library) as well as RecyclerView as well as CardView.
New content en route!
On top of that, each week, for the following five weeks, brand-new training on structure ever much more complex apps will be enhance the training course. These applications will take advantage of, and exhibit the new attributes of Android Lollipop. View the main section listed below for specifics on what will be covered in these brand-new applications!

Program Description

Program work upgraded April 15th, 2015. The Personal Notes Application is right here!

Learn how to develop Android applications in Java quickly, with this course.

You will certainly obtain the abilities to construct gradually much more complicated Applications making use of Android Lollipop: you will certainly start off by developing fundamental apps, and progression to more complex applications showcasing the advanced functions of Android.

The apps you produce consist of a calculate, youtube video player, Flick Image search as well as display application, database drive Friends app, a note keep application that utilizes Google drive as well as Dropbox, a video game, and much more.

All the significant Android topics are included, SQlite, Content Providers, Fragments, Tasks, intents, and also loads a lot more.

Discover both premiere tools for developing Android apps: Eclipse As Well As Android Studio.

This is a 100 % one-of-a-kind method to ensure you have abilities in both most prominent development settings for Android, whilst ensuring you keeping up to this day with that said most recent tools and also frameworks.

Android Workshop is the main concentration of the course as this is the most present and also around date device for Android property development.

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But Eclipse is covered in the early stages of the course since a great deal of development business are still using it, and will for some time, as well as in addition, bunches of tutorials online use Eclipse.

So its excellent for you to have skills in both systems to make on your own better to future companies, or simply to make it much easier to create Android apps in any type of setting.

It’s recommended to to use Eclipse in the very early sections of the program, yet some pupils have actually moved straight to Android Studio and the early code functions just great because setting.

When the course relocated to the more intricate apps, the concentration is exclusively on Android Studio and also will be for all future program content.

The program additionally covers new Android lollipop attributes like Material Design (for great graphics and also interfaces), AppCompat (to ensure your application works with older variations of Android.

New content is being added weekly! Over 28 hrs of content already included!

These applications being contributed to the program benefit from, and also exhibit the new features of Android Lollipop

If you are sick of those courses or tutorials you try to comply with that never ever actually clarify why things are being done in a particular method, after that this is the training course for you.

I enter depth with this Android Lollipop course revealing not only the exactly how, however additionally the why! Lastly a course that instructs you real abilities you could utilize and recognize.

As well as its most definitely newbie pleasant, even if you have actually never ever coded before. Yet skilled programmers will certainly get a lot out of the course also!

Whether you’ve currently been producing apps for Android, or you prepare to obtain begun, this course is created to assist you become one of the first designers on Android’s brand-new Lollipop system!

Lollipop is geared towards far better interaction in between the individual as well as the gadget, meanings that designers should completely spruce up the way they produce apps. This course is developed to aid you obtain the abilities you need so you can be at the leading edge of Lollipop application development.

Master Application Building for Android Lollipop.

Understand naming conventions.

Install and Configure tools on Windows or Mac (video clips for both systems included).

Find out Debugging Techniques

Check out exactly how Android works “under the hood”.

Understand ways to build Android Apps.

The best ways to make use of the new Android SDK Lollipop while still targeting older variations of Android, as well as ways to support most of Android tools out there.

Belong to The Next Generation of Android

Android 5.0, or Lollipop, is the biggest point ahead to Android devices (including tablets) since the advancement of the Android hvac system.

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With Lollipop, you’ll never have to miss out on new e-mail with new display screens permitting your inbox to show alongside the message you’re reading. And also with new ripple computer animations, you’ll have the ability to touch and swipe your display in brand-new ways.

Designers are simply starting to view the capacity in this new technology, meanings that games, videos, as well as messaging are everything about to undergo transformations that were formerly unfeasible with present systems.

Integrate all this with 64 little bit design, and also improved A/V sync, and you’ll be able to use Lollipop to establish applications that you have actually constantly longed for.

Contents and also Introduction

Throughout this training course you’ll find out everything there is to learn about developing for Lollipop, including making the most of its brand-new animations and also crystal clear graphics.

You’ll begin with a summary of Lollipop, Google’s calling conventions, and Android core concepts.

Most of Android property development makes use of either Android Designer Devices (Eclipse) and the more recent Android Studio from Google.

In order to increase your ability and also marketability for future Android work, both devices are explored in detail, include separate setup and also setup videos covering both Mac and also Windows.

You’ll come away with a strong knowledge of how you can set up, set up and use both for developing Android apps.

Setting up of Android gadgets is explored in detail, allowing you to setup your own genuine Android tool for testing or an Android Virtual Device (An emulator which runs on your Mac or PC). This implies you can still produce applications even if you do not have an Android tool!

Once you’re going with the software application, you’ll begin hands-on building, beginning with easy applications such as a calculator, a top-10 everyday applications show, and even your own Youtube video clip player.

Every step of the build process is received detail, and also clear descriptions are given regarding why you are doing things in a specific means, to truly solidify your understanding of the Android property development procedure.

Not simply can you comply with along with the video clips step by step as well as build Android applications, but you will also recognize exactly what you are doing as well!

Structure these tasks will assist you recognize the essentials of Android development, and then in the coming weeks, the more advanced apps being contributed to the course will certainly reveal you several of the brand-new strategies and functionality constructed right into the new Lollipop SDK to truly make your applications pop!

An all brand-new application that makes the most of the spectacular new product style from Lollipop which brings all new as well as magnificent visual, movement and interaction to your applications.

You’ll will certainly additionally find out the best ways to capitalize on the all brand-new enhanced notice capability developed into Lollipop in addition to heads-up, present material and actions in a little floating home window.

Webview has actually been thoroughly updated in Android L, and we will certainly cover how you can benefit from this brand-new functionality and also build in internet content direct right into your Android applications.

You’ll find out ways to carry out background tasks with the brand-new task timetable API, which is a really cool and also effective function in Lollipop.

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Ultimately, you will likewise learn how you can execute the new Lollipop camera functionality with our Video camera app we build in week 5!

Benefit Java Tutorial Consisted of And Being Contributed to Weekly!

In addition to the 5 brand-new applications being included one per week over the next five weeks, a brand-new component for the Java tutorial will be brought in every week!


You will discover how to take advantage of Asynchronous code, XML parsing, downloading, multimedia, advanced API usage, and also a whole lot much more!

And also Material Layout, AppCompat, Json, and also a lot of brand-new and also interesting material.

By the time you finish this training course, you’ll prepare to layout and deploy your very own work as one of the first wave of Lollipop designers!

What are the requirements?

# A PC or a Mac is required to use for development apps
# A real Android device is NOT needed. The course covers have to use an Android Virtual
# device (an emulator which runs on your PC or Mac) if you don’t have a physical Android device

What am I going to get from this course?

# Over 197 lectures and 29.5 hours of content!
# Learn the skills needed to obtain a new career developing Android apps
# Kick yourself into a new career with your new Android development skills!
# See step by step how to put Android applications together
# Work more efficiently with Android development by learning the best tools and practices
# Cure any self confidence doubts by finally learning how to develop apps
# Join a small group of people who really understand Android Lollipop
# Learn how to develop in Java
# Understand how Android works
# Earn more with your new Android development skills
# Learn how to develop apps for Android phones and tablets
# Pat yourself on the back with your new knowledge of Android app development

What is the target audience?

# This course is aimed at both beginners who have never coded before, as well as more # experienced developers who want to find out how to take advantage of the new Android Lollipop functionality
# If you are an expert Android developer with many years of experience, this course is probably not for you.
# No coding experience is needed

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