Maya 2015 Essential Video Training

Maya 2015 Essential Video Training

Should get a strong foundation in Maya? Beginning right here. This Crucial Training training course covers all the most up to date functions in Maya 2015, while providing you a background in the basics of 3D modeling, texturing, animating, as well as rendering. Need a fast summary? Check out the very first chapter of the training course, which covers the user interface as well as fundamental object control tools. Author George Maestri then takes you deeper right into polygonal modeling, modifying and also refining nets, and NURBS modeling– for sculpting contours as well as organic surface areas in Maya. Afterwards, find out ways to develop and use metals to give the surface area of your models different colors, texture, reflectivity, and also a lot more. Next, produce realistic photos (with illumination and depth-of-field impacts) in the final making procedure, and also finally, add activity and also life to your characters with Maya’s computer animation tools.

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Topics include:

  • Getting familiar with the Maya interface
  • Creating hierarchies and layers
  • Creating polygonal objects
  • Working with subdivision surfaces
  • Extruding a mesh
  • Smoothing geometry
  • Lofting and extruding with the NURBS curves tools
  • Converting NURBS to polygons
  • Creating and applying texture maps
  • Applying UV mapping
  • Adding lights and cameras to a scene
  • Creating realistic effects such as depth of field
  • Batch rendering
  • Animating in Maya

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