Everyday English Learn Practical Real English Fast


Real English for common everyday activities. Learn TOEFL vocabulary with pictures!

Course Description:
Everest English Online is devoted in order to help you reach brand-new elevations in your English language discovering! The teaching strategy in this training course concentrates on equipping every student with functional daily English. No time at all is wasted on unhelpful and unused parts of the English language.

What makes this English course the best?

1. High Quality Content

  • Listen to simulated real life audio scenarios
  • Unforgettable pictures for every new vocabulary word
  • Every lecture features professionally recorded audio and video

2. Student Lesson Worksheets

  • Downloadable and printable PDF files
  • 8+ proven English language learning exercises per lecture
  • Practice all areas of the English language in every lesson (i.e. reading, listening, comprehension, speaking, writing, and more)
  • Comprehension checks – multiple choice quizzes for all vocabulary words

3. Practical Everyday Usefulness

  • Learn necessary everyday English (60 vocabulary words)
  • Master common everyday phrases for common everyday tasks
  • Waste no time on uncommon unpractical English

Not only does this course teach you 60 useful everyday vocabulary words, but it also will give you very clear pronunciation instruction through listening exercises and examples. Also get personal writing advice on every one of your writing exercises straight to your email inbox if you wish.

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Results you can expect from this course:

  • Improve you English greatly in just one total hour of lectures
  • Gain confidence in speaking English
  • No longer be embarrassed at mispronounced everyday words
  • Become a better English writer
  • Meet new people with new confidence in English
  • Comprehend what English speakers are saying in everyday conversations
  • Know what to say and get what you need at regular public places like supermarkets and fast food restaurants
  • Much, much more…

What are the requirements?

  • Have basic English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills
  • Access to the internet to watch the instructional videos
  • A computer (or similar device)
  • Access to use a simple printer
  • Writing instrument (pen or pencil)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Memorize 60+ everyday useful vocabulary words
  • Effectively pronounce everyday vocabulary
  • Boost your English speaking confidence
  • Enhance your English listening comprehension skills
  • Improve your writing
  • Order fast-food with ease
  • Confidently meet new people and introduce yourself
  • Know how to ask for help to find goods in a supermarket
  • Understand and speak cafe lingo – like “espresso” and “cappuccino”
  • Understand how to get healthcare coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace
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What is the target audience?

  • ESL Learners
  • Non-native English speakers
  • Beginner ESL Learners
  • Intermediate ESL Learners
  • Individuals wishing to improve their writing skills


Section 1: Introduction to this Course
Introductory Video
Section 2: Ordering Fast Food
#1 Download the “Ordering Fast Food” Lesson
#2 Watch the Video Lesson
#3 Take “Ordering Fast Food” the Vocabulary Quiz
Section 3: Introducing Yourself
Download the “Introducing Yourself” Student Lesson PDF
Watch the “Introducing Yourself” Video Lecture
Take the “Introducing Yourself” Vocabulary Quiz
Section 4: Ordering a Coffee
Download the “Ordering a Coffee” Student Lesson PDF
Watch the “Ordering a Coffee” Video Lecture
Take the “Ordering a Coffee” Vocabulary Quiz
Section 5: Going to the Supermarket
Download the “Going to the Supermarket” Student Lesson PDF
Watch the “Going to the Supermarket” Video Lecture
Take the “Going to the Supermarket” Vocabulary Quiz
Section 6: Applying for Healthcare in America
Download the “Apply for Healthcare” Student Lesson PDF
Watch the “Apply for the Healthcare” Video Lecture
Take the “Apply for Healthcare” Vocabulary Quiz
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 Everyday English-Learn Practical Real English Fast Introduction:

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