Course Description:

Learn how to run a web design business from the Marketing Director of a 13-year-old web design and marketing firm. The course begins with a discussion of how to position yourself to sell $15,000 websites. Then the course goes into details of the various mistakes web designers can avoid. The teacher recommends simple steps you can take to make sure your web design business is a success, including an overview of the computer programs you can use to run your web design business.

Among many things, you will learn how to:

  • Sell your websites for $15,000
  • Get more clients than you can handle
  • Grow your profits
  • Avoid key mistakes web designers make
  • Differentiate yourself from other web designers
  • Get government contracts
  • Be able to work less and get more done
  • Stay organized
  • Design your own website
  • Keep your web design clients satisfied
  • Use the best programs for web design management
  • Manage employees and contractors
  • Reduce your costs

What are the requirements?

  • Listen carefully so you won’t make the mistakes most web designers do.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 67 lectures and 4 hours of content!
  • By the end of the course you’ll know how to sell websites for $15,000
  • You’ll learn how to get as many clients as you could ever want
  • Find out the critical mistakes web design companies make
  • Learn how web design businesses grow
  • Learn specific steps to take to get things done properly
  • See actual templates used to run web design businesses
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What is the target audience?

  • Web designers
  • Web design studio managers
  • Freelance designers

SECTION 1: Web design marketing: how to get more clients and bigger contracts

  • Introduction
  • How to sell your websites for $15,000
  • Web design marketing – the key is recognizing that you’re a professional service
  • Getting potential clients from “interested” to “ready to buy a website”
  • Blog to get sales leads from specific industry groups
  • Web design for web designers
  • Want more sales? Use this web design sales process.
  • Writing Google Ads to get more web design clients
  • Infographics can get you more clients
  • Getting larger contracts by having a clearly-defined web design process
  • Get more sales by packaging your services in “fun” bundles
  • Getting government contracts – request for proposals (RFPs)
  • Finding new clients through InfoGroup Directories
  • Getting new client sales leads through video
  • Getting web design sales leads through landing pages rather than your website
  • Get more sales with online live chat
  • Leveraging your past websites to get more contracts
  • Staff photos are important
  • Should you brand your web design business as your personally or a brand?

SECTION 2: Beating the competition: how to differentiate your web design services

  • How to compete with other web designers by specializing

SECTION 3: Managing web design clients

  • Keeping your web design clients satisfied
  • Don’t be too nice to your clients
  • Training videos for your clients
  • Dealing with too many phone calls from clients
  • Dealing with client disagreements
  • Don’t let the client guide the web design process
  • Never leave your clients in the dark: how to keep up regular communication.
  • Don’t put your preferences above the client’s needs
  • Dealing with web design committees
  • Ask your clients what matters to them
  • Finding the decision-maker and having a formal sign-off process
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SECTION 4: Day-to-day: keeping your web design projects organized

  • Staying organized (task mgmt, contacts, sales leads, project mgmt)
  • Do.com substitute (Do is scheduled to be taken off the market)
  • Losing login information
  • Log the time it takes you to make a website using Toggl.
  • Setting web design deadlines and milestones
  • Writing a confidentiality agreement
  • Use Google Drive; use the cloud. Stay organized in your web design business.
  • Quotes, proposals, and contracts. Contracts aren’t that important.
  • Photography for web design
  • Site design approval form
  • Free WordPress manual to give to your clients
  • Internet marketing questionnaire
  • The secret to becoming a mature web design business
  • Interview templates for your clients

SECTION 5: Managing staff and contractors

  • Clearing define web design job roles and expectations.
  • Finding good photographers, artists, and front-end programmers
  • Managing designers and programmers – and keeping them motivated
  • Separate your programmers from your designers from your copywriters.
  • Even the owner needs a job description

SECTION 6: Finances: how to make sure your web design business is profitable

  • Don’t take on unprofitable web design projects. Don’t accept anything but cash.
  • Getting paid – small claims court and collections
  • Organizing your web design finances using Xero
  • Pricing completely new, unique web design projects
  • Recurring income from re-selling web hosting
  • Make sure you get paid – on time.
  • Web design is a commodity business – but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Getting videos made cheaply and re-selling them
  • Improving profit and reducing time through website templates.
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SECTION 7: Other tips on running your web design business

  • 100 habits of successful designer
  • Designing for e-commerce
  • Business plan and SWOT analysis
  • Finding a web design business mentor
  • Choosing a content management system
  • Duct Tape Marketing
  • Your most valuable assets and how to take time off
  • Conclusion

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